Automate Daily Tasks

Sajal Rastogi
4 min readAug 10, 2020

Automation using a Cheat Code and Task Scheduler for daily task in Windows.



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This article is based on how can we start activities/task automatically with the help of windows pre-provided modules.Lets Start With Simple Method.

METHOD -1 : (Simple One)

This method is only if you want to open application on startup/boot.

Step-1 : Run WIN+R or Start Menu > Run

Step-2 : Type script: shell:startup

This will open a window with address as below-

Step-3 : Repeat Step 1 and type the below command : shell:appsfolder

A window like the one on left will be Opened.






LAST STEP : DRAG and DROP to startup folder ALL THE APPS YOU want TO open On STARTUP/BOOT


Step-1 : Open Start Menu > Task Scheduler

Step-2: Click on Action

Something Like window on left will open.

Step-3 :

1 . CREATE Newfolder and Put a Custom name. To find your folder click on arrow Task Scheduler library and Click on Your Folder

2 . After That Click on Create Task . You will end up with-



1 . Type in a name for your task.

2. Type a suitable Description

3. Check on run only if you want

4. put the task to highest priority

5. Configure Your system (IMPORTANT)


Step-5 : Now Click ON Triggers > New

Triggers enable a task to run automatically in response to an event that occurs on the computer. Trigger can be any file , time, user etc.

You will something like this.

Click on dropdown and select the Trigger You need and fill the other conditions as Required for your TASK.

Click Ok when You are Done.

Note:- You can as many Triggers you want.


Step-6: Click on Action

Actions — Task You want to Perform when the trigger occurs.

Click Browse and select a program you want.

You can roam around anywhere in your PC and select any exe or bat file. Click OK .

Note:- You can as many Actions you want.


Step-7: Click on Condition.

Condition — These are addition features which can be chosen according to need.

Thing to take note are under Power Section: Un-check it if you want to run task when not on charging.

Check Wake up option if you want to wake PC for your task.




Step-8: Click on Settings.

Check on IF Task fail : So that you can ensure your task run.

Check on Stop if you dont want to overload your PC

Check on if running task force stop so that it wont run for no reason

Check on Delete — If you want it for some days of us only.

Step-9: Now you are all set and task is automated.

Note:- Check the task by running it from right section Run option for trial only. It will force run without Trigger.

Step-10 : Delete Task

Select the Task of your folder you want to delete.

You can find Delete option on right section under Selected Column with ❌ mark

Click that.



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